Wow Optimum online SUCKS

So upon moving into my apartment I have had to give up my amazing FiOS service for Optimim once again. And once again I am reminded how utterly horrible their internet is.


I have a simple setup at home for networking. A single Wireless – N router (Lynksis by Cisco). I have one laptop, an iPad and an Xbox that is cabled to the router is the max of my setup. I have never had to reset my router more than when I am in the apartment. About 3-4 times A NIGHT. Moreover the night that I attempted to stream a movie through Zune and ended up plugging the xbox directly into the router. 4 resets later and I’m still getting YouTube quality streaming.


I have yet to get through a single Netflix, or Zune movie without a reset. It is so frustrating. I gotta love being in the middle of a Halo match to get booted off. FiOS cannot get here fast enough. Optimim online you are the single worst waste of money ever. I truly loathe this internet service.




4 comments on “Wow Optimum online SUCKS

  1. two years. for two years i used a static ip. o know it was static. because i had no dhcp lease for my ip then. all the whats my ip websites say my ip is static. i have a webcam setup that only works with a static ip. not working now. when i first got optimum boost a static ip was included. now that policy changed. sevral things no longer work on two years of work in my domain. because now i got a changing ip. when i contacted optimum they tell me i never had a static ip. and now they added that i cant get a static ip unless i use optimum online busines account. so it all changed what i been paying for for two years.. and now no static ip and still paying the same amount a month when i had a static ip. i know my ip i know its configuration. and they changed it under my nose and i found out be accident. this is a comment box for why optimum online s–ks isent it?..

      • I can’t speak for Kerry but I can speak for myself my issues are with their service not my local network. I’ve tested with a direct connection to my modem and I still get the same bandwidth bottleneck at 6:30 p.m. every single night. I’ve had one phone conversation with a technician and he even admitted they throttle my area back to alleviate bottlenecking in New York.

        I’ve also had my modem replaced twice on the off chance that it was a hardware issue. Sorry man in my case Optimum sucks and will always suck.

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