Kid Dracula and Season 3 Wrap up!

imgresIn our season finale we look at the very popular Kid Dracula!

As we’ve been doing this game series for a while now I’ve sort of come to the conclusion that most people do not read these blog posts. That’s totally fine since maybe what I’m writing isn’t of particular interest, but since it does seem to be the case I’m going to write just a bit less about the videos since this can be a bit of a time sink.


Anyway for our season finale we took on Kid Dracula. A really fun little platformer for the Famicom with some interesting game mechanics. You play as Kid Dracula and the game is a bit of a parody of Castlevania. You’re fighting monsters in order to reclaim your title as king of the Monsters. As you progress through the game you get different attacks and movement upgrades to your character which are very important in the game.

Kid Dracula overall is fun, decent music, OK controls, although I hated the jumping. The only real major problem with the game is the last level. The game goes from easy to BRUTAL difficult very quickly and the last level you basically have to run through perfectly without dying once in order to get the ending of the game. The learning curve is super┬ásteep and we were ready to give up. Even with editing it still is a 90 minute fight through the game and that 90 minutes doesn’t include all the deaths.

In conclusion, Kid Dracula is a very fun game and one I wish had come over to the U.S. It’s sort of cute, and a decently put together game that is worth adding to your collection. The end of the game is super difficult but over time I think it is beatable.

We also recorded our wrap up video for the Famicom Season. After 15 episodes we thought it would be fun to break back out of the Famicom mold and go back to a free for all style of game selection. We really enjoyed the tour through the famicom and I now have a new list of games I need to pick up. Now we’re off to season 4!


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