Cocoron – Retro Wednesdays Episode 55

imgresIn this extra weird episode of Retro Wednesdays, we look at Cocoron. Which sounds more like a candybar than a video game.

Spending this season going through these Famicom games has been an absolute blast. I’ve gotten the chance to experience games I’ve never even heard of before and in some cases are really fun to play.  Cocoron was a game I never heard of and had no idea what exactly it was going to be about.


Turns out it’s one of my new favorite games.

Now to explain the story line I have to do a little guesswork. If you’ve been following our season play through you know we aren’t really able to read Japanese so some of this I had to patch together from websites and insert some of my own guessing. The game starts by introducing you to this weird blue Polka-dot wearing freak that’s a Tapir. This creature is capable of making dreams. He tells you of this evil wizard named Baku who has kidnapped some lady named Princess Mua, and a fairy named Cocoron. You are set out to rescue the two of them as well as Cocoron’s brother Cocorin who tells you how to get to them. Eventually you rescue Princess Mua and you discover *****SPOILER ALERT******

[spoiler] That freak Taipir is actually the freaking wizard! [/spoiler].

So if that wasn’t weird enough for you let’s talk about your “character” in the game you can play as a character you build yourself. You have several heads, bodies, and attacks to choose from. You can mix and match all you want. Want a robot head on a dragon body that throws music notes? You got it. Want a wrestler body with a warrior helmet that throws ninja stars? Totally. Below the video is a breakdown of the different head/body/weapon combos you can have. This part was hard to figure out since it’s all in Japanese but once we figured it out it was a lot of fun.

Let me save you some time and say the best combo we found was the Warrior Helm, with a Jetpack body and ninja stars. It has the health to survive, with a good weapon and the ability to float jump. The jump alone is worth it. Outside of that it is an action platformer that is really similar to mega man. This is most likely because Akira Kitamura who was the character designer of the original Mega Man designed this game. He felt Mega Man (or Rockman) didn’t go far enough into character customization so he made this game. He also make this other Famicom game you may have heard of called Lickle or Little Samson which feels and plays a lot like this.

When started playing Cocoron, I didn’t understand character builds early on but once we got it figured out it was a REALLY fun game to play. It’s challenging without being too crazy hard, fun to mix and match play styles, and comes with a great sound library and graphics to boot. It really disappoints me this game wasn’t released in the U.S. My only guess as to why is the story line was too weird for us feeble americans to handle.

In the end Cocoron is a really fun game that any collector should go try to find. There are a ton of reproduction carts out there which I’d recommend since there is some text translation involved in the game. If you don’t care and just want to play, the Famicom version is pretty awesome as well.


Cocoron Breakdown Guide
Head        Weight       Health

Heroic        156          12
Ninja         112          8
Robotic       289          16
Alien         200          4
Warrior       333          16
Monster       245          12
Ghost         67           8
Random        23           4

Body         Weight        Health      

Armored       433          24      
Winged        101          8       
Jetpack       499          16      
Cybog         301          20
Boat          234          12      
Wheels        167          16
Tank          367          20      
?             34           4

Weapon      Weight        Attack Strength

Umbrella      71           3
Boomerang     93           4
Shuriken      141          6
Ball          47           4
Pencil        25           3
Crystal       167          3
Flower        116          3
Music         11           3


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