Chubby Cherub – Retro Wednesdays Episode 54

In thisimgres-1 angelic episode of Retro Wednesdays, we look at the oddball game, Chubby Cherub.


Chubby Cherub is a game I didn’t really know about until Brett said, “Let’s play Chubby Cherub” It’s a little weird considering I love this type of game. Early NES game, simple design, kind of weird topic. It hit all the buttons for me to think it is a game that I want.

You turn on the Famicom version and you see the Chubby Cherub which looks like a classic white sheet ghost. The goal of the game (I’m guessing) is to find some random person in a given level. In order to move around in the air, and stay alive you as the Chubby Cherub have to eat food that is found throughout the level. Opposing you are a bunch of dogs that will kill you via touch or by barking at you. These dogs are a pain in the ass. The gameplay video will make it seem like we really suck at the game (we kind of did after playing Holy Diver for 2+ hours) but your character always feels sluggish and you end up making way more mistakes than you expect.

The gameplay is simple so I can’t go too far with the descriptions. You have this weird shout thing that is your only weapon you only get two shots with it a la Burgertime, but to me it was very hit or miss when it came actually taking out a dog. Most of the time it did nothing and I ended up dying. The flight mechanic is fun and it’s a great way to get through the level but you use up more power when you do that so eating is a constant. Basically you have to go for every food item you can find on the screen.

Graphics are OK. I always feel like early Famicom games just look better than early NES ones. Maybe it is because the Famicom was out a bit earlier than the NES, but they just look and feel a little more polished. Music wise the game starts off with a catchy tune that quickly makes you want to pull your hair out after a few minutes. I guess it’s an excuse to beat the game fast because that way you don’t have to hear it again.

Honestly that is it. Chubby Cherub is a crap to OK game in my book. It’s kind of cute, kind of fun to play but ultimately just another example of “rarity” demanding huge prices. On Ebay right now there are about 10 copies of the game all in varying conditions and they are commanding $75 – $100 prices which is INSANE in my opinion. The game is not that good and considering there are a bunch of copies out there for bidding it doesn’t seem that rare. The game does not need a lot of Japanese to English translation AND the Famicom version is going for about $6. So if you’re super insistent on getting this game do yourself a favor and get the Japanese version. Chubby Cherub is neither good enough or fun enough to command these prices.


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