Kid Niki – Retro Wednesdays Episode 51

imgresIn this radical episode of Retro Wednesdays we take a look at Kid Niki 2, a sequel to the notorious Kid Niki.

Kid Niki was one of the first games we ever did on Retro Wednesdays. It was very early on and a very odd episode in that we had my wife and my younger cousin present for our playthrough. Despite the game kind of being garbage we ended up having a lot of fun with the game and beating it. Looking back on Kid Niki I think it actually is a pretty good game.

So when Brett found Kid Niki 2 online for Famicom. I was excited to try it out. Putting in this game I was expecting to have a similar experience to the first and overall I was not disappointed. Kid Niki 2 takes the original style of Kid Niki and keeps it while improving it a little bit. Characters in this game are over-exaggerated and comedic. I am sure there are a bunch of Japanese culture references I’m missing but I really enjoyed the art style and oddness of the game. You play the still pink wearing Kid Niki, and (I think) you’re trying to stop some scumbag who stole your girl (again) but is also turning people into foxes throughout the land. Your job is to stop it.

Controls wise it plays find. I found myself often overcompensating for jumps but that is most likely me adjusting to the gameplay style. Sound is improved but I miss the voice sound effects of the original. I did have two critiques of the game. First many people have pointed out this game is super easy and in most cases it is. I still managed to die once in a while, but it was mostly me just making stupid mistakes. The other thing ¬†which was odd is that this game has a shape shifting mechanic which we used once in a while but it wasn’t really spelled out for us. Again, this may be because we don’t read Japanese but to me a mini tutorial about the shape shifting could have gone a long way. The only one we used to any extent was turning into a bird. Very helpful to get through some jumping puzzles.

All in all Kid Niki 2 is a cheap Famicom game that I feel is 100% worth having in your collection. It is vaguely reminiscent of Bonk’s Adventures, has decent music, fun gameplay and is really entertaining. Much like the original Kid Niki it lacks some polish but all in all it’s a really fun game and a game I think embodies my experience so far with the Famicom, that it has a great library of exclusive titles that are worth exploring.



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