Sqoon – Retro Wednesdays Episode 48

In this seafaring episode of Retro Wednesdays we’re taking a look at Sqoon. Because it’s so much fun to say Sqoon. 20160112_231500Sqoon is a game that was released for NES and Famicom. In this video we only did the Famicom version because like every NES game Sqoon is commanding ridiculous prices. Anyway, Sqoon is a submarine game where you’re shooting at aliens who are trying to flood the earth. You also have to rescue humans.

I like to think of Sqoon as a work in progress game. It has some cool concepts in that you have to rescue which adds a lot of challenge to the game. You have some powerups to make your sub shoot more and you have a kind of cool storyline in that these aliens are trapping people in hot water factories and whatnot. It has a fairly standard shmup feel that you can see elements of still in modern shmup titles.

There really isn’t much more to say about this game. It’s fairly fun. I personally found it to be annoying difficult with so much crap going on on the screen at the same time, but I have to set a disclaimer to that statement that I am not a huge shmup player so it’s likely I’m just bad at the genre. My biggest complaint comes with the fuel system.

So your sub has fuel, you use it as the game goes on. The only way to refuel is to rescue people who are shot into the water. Once you pick them up you can surface where this “mobile island” once you drop them off you kind of expect to have your fuel just dropped in. No it drops like a powerup to the bottom of the ocean floor. If it hits the floor it disappears. This is incredibly annoying considering you have hundreds of enemies non stop trying to attack you. You also have to spam the B button to get the people to climb into your ship. Equally annoying to have to do while dodging. I also should mention that During our entire play session I could not consistently get the island to show up.

Despite its annoyances, it is kind of a fun game. It’s one you can get the Famicom version and still be able to play. There’s some dialogue int he beginning but you can find out the translation online. It’s also a lot cheaper than the NES version which is often the case.


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