Rush’n Attack – Retro Wednesdays Episode 45

In this episode imgresto take a look at the military platformer, Rush’n Attack

Rush’n Attack was a game I mostly associate with my gaming partner, Brett. When I would come over to his house I almost always found that game on in his room. I remember being frustrated with it then, and many many years later coming back to playing it I’m still feeling that way.


I just don’t get it.


I don’t get why I know so many people that LOVE this game. I mean they get upset with me when I complain about it (much like when I rip on the Zelda franchise). They rabidly defend this game saying it’s a gem and really fun for a military style platformer. Personally I just do not understand the love affair.

Your character moves from left to right killing the enemy army. You can jump, duck into a prone position, and you have a knife as a default weapon. Yeah, you’re taking on an entire army with a single combat knife and nothing else. Don’t worry though the opposing army doesn’t really have weapons and mostly rely on running into you or jump kicking you to try to take you down. You can find some weapons along the way in the form of grenades (3 total) or a rocket launcher that is more of a harpoon since the projectile doesn’t explode and just runs through the enemies.

And that’s about it for the game. Rush’n Attack lives up to it’s title in that you run a lot and try to stab an entire army to death. This is where the game loses me. I just don’t feel like the game has much to offer. The controls are OK though the jumping is super flighty, graphics and sounds are OK to, but Rush’n Attack really doesn’t bring anything exciting to the table, no new mechanics, no strategy other then being able to recognize which of the 4 enemy types are in front of you. One hit deaths, lack of powerups, and boring repetition are the things I took away from Rush’n Attack and in the end it just feels like a boring game.

I do like early Konami games and they put out some gems but to me Rush’n Attack just falls really really flat. Heck Miracle of Almana would have been a better U.S. release than this game. Rush’n Attack is yet another game that is very popular but (in my opinion) for all the wrong reasons.



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