Darkman – Retro Wednesdays Episode 44

In this episode of Retro Wednesdays imgres-1we take a look at Darkman. Considering our previous run ins with Ocean games we didn’t have much hope in this one.

And we were totally right. This will likely be a short write up since this game sucks so horribly. There just isn’t much to say.


Much like our Robocop 2 experience, Ocean really just falls flat when it comes to the actual gameplay. The biggest problem just like Robocop 2 is that Darkman feels like you are always running on ice. The momentum and inertia is just insane, uncontrollable and just annoying. Every single aspect of the gameplay is ruined by this inertia. You’ll see in our playthrough missing jumps, falling off ledges, and combat are just simply ruined. You also have the top menu which is just chock full of crap that is just distracting at best.

We didn’t end up getting very far but from what we saw of Darkman there wasn’t much of a desire to do so. They tried to follow the movie in the sense that you have a level where you take pictures of an enemy then you can play as that enemy. It’s a neat concept, but the gameplay is SO bad in Darkman that you almost ignore it because you just don’t care.

This is another example of a game that had great source material with which to work but just fell short in the execution. It seems like every Ocean game suffers from it. I can understand that when you generate a design identity it’s good and important to stick with it, but when that identity comes at the cost of quality you just have to change. I really think Darkman could have been a fun action platformer if they fixed the inertia and added some more management to the game like you have to pick multiple characters/costumes to complete a level. Ultimately Darkman just falls short, way short of being an entertaining game and barely comes off as a functional one. I’ve never encountered a game where I struggled so much just to get through the first level. There’s certainly an argument that our skill level may have influenced our struggles, but to me the experience was so negative I barely wanted to try to prove that theory.

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