Bad Street Brawler – Retro Wednesdays Episode 31

imgres-2In this episode we take a look at the game Bad Street BrawlerOnce in a while a game comes along that we play that is so bizarre that the experience of playing the game far exceeds the quality of the game. This describes Bad Street Brawler to a tee.

Describing it is so difficult because it’s so weirdly put together. Apparently you play the Bad Street Brawler (who appears to look different in every screen) who is running around the streets (I guess New York) beating up dogs, old time strongmen, skateboarders, drug addicts, and gorillas. You move from left to right fighting with different moves. Each level you get different moves so learning to get good with one move means nothing since you’ll have to relearn them. There’s also this midget in a trenchcoat that will drop either health or a bomb you have to outrun.

And that’s really it. There’s nothing else to Bad Street Brawler. Run to the right, fight, get to the end of the level. One would think that a concept like this would be super easy to put together. Unfortunately the game designers managed to royally fail at it. The controls are OK I guess, the music is vomit inducing, the enemies often hit you regardless of what you do. The bombs the midget drops will take half your health away and are super annoying. Graphically I don’t think they could pick a ¬†worse color palette, and I cannot recall any other game where your main character looks different in each cutscene, the title screen, the cover, and the playable portion of the game. Bad Street Brawler is a complete mess when it comes to the visuals and audio portion of the game.

The really strange part of this is playing this game together was a lot of fun. Mostly it was because we were hating on it so much. In the end I can’t say it was awful, but it’s certainly not a good game.


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