What’s your worst game ever?

images So last night while filming some new footage for some Retro Wednesdays and something happened to me that has never happened before.

Now I know I tend to like games that people don’t normally like. Games like Top Gun, Little Red Hood, Kid Niki. Games that most people tend to hate. It’s a point of pride with me that I can find entertainment in things that most people find awful. I mean you’re talking to a guy who created a spreadsheet to map how to win Night Trap with the best ending, and I did that for FUN.

But last night I played a game that is my worst game ever.

I’ve played a lot of games in my life and I’ve never played one this bad. It was the first time I ever experienced this emotion. I literally didn’t want to play video games anymore. It was like kryptonite. It was just awful, the worst music I’ve ever heard, the worst controls, awful gameplay, an it was SOOO boring. I mean Wall Street Kid was more exciting than this game. I wanted to turn off the game after only a few minutes and just go to bed.

For now I’d like to keep the name of this game under wraps. I have the feeling it’s going to be a new Retro Safari review very shortly.

I’m sure there are lots of games out there like this but this was honestly the first time I really ran into my worst game ever, and it got me thinking about what the worst game ever is to other people. Sure it’s trendy to say E.T. (which really wasn’t that bad), but what games have you played that made you question playing games anymore? It doesn’t have to be a retro game or a console game. Jus think of the worst game you have ever played.

What’s your worst game ever?


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