Check out our NP Retro Gaming Channel!

wp_header_variant-1024x275It’s been quite a while since i’ve posted on here since moving over to writing for the Nerd Palace site, but i I’m going to come back here and cross post some things for fun. 

Recently my friends and I have launched a Retro Gaming YouTube channel which was really designed to motivate us to schedule playing time. Yeah, we’re at the point now where we have to be adults and block out time to play. The plus side however is that now we have set time every other week to spend the night playing some classic video games.

The idea to record it was more of an afterthought but has quickly become a lot of fun to work on and learn about as we go.

The Chanel can be found here:

If you have a chance and feel like sending us a sub that would be great. We do it purely for fun but it’s always nice to know someone is watching. Moving forward I’ll post links to our content here as we go!


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