The Changes are coming to Twitch

m9pjwl1x1n3nvzf8x8rcThe link to the Original article I wrote can be found here:

Once Google bought Twitch everyone knew some changes had to happen. I don’t think very many people expected them so quick.

Today on Twitch’s blog they have announced a new video manager. For people that just live broadcast, don’t worry not much is changing. If you save your stuff however some things are going to be different. From August 27th on, your archived recordings (copies of your full broadcaset) will only be available for 14 days. On day 15 they’re deleted.

Not all is lost however since you can create highlights of your recordings and save the highlights indefinitely the only problem is highlights are only two hours in length. You can also export over to YT, but they will also be moved in 2 hour segments. How they’re titled and organized remains unclear.

As a long play watching addict this can be a bit disheartening for me. One of my favorite things is to watch older vids uncut. I take gaming integrity very seriously and now it appears that I’m being forced to edit my stuff into chunks. What is to prevent me from stringing together parts of a game to show an incredible speedrun when 2 vids are from an emulator and 2 are real?

I’m also thinking of starting some broadcasts to record beating retro games. Unfortunately this throws a bit of a wrench in my  idea since I was planning on having the entire run out there (fails and all). Now it looks like I have to go back to the drawing board for recording.

My guess is people will start having to do double duty and record while streaming to get an entire video uncut in some viewable manner, and by reading the very negative comments on the blog page I am not alone.


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