Instructional Design: Canvas Course Collections

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Have you ever been working on, or thinking about creating a course and you’re just not sure how to proceed? Have you ever wanted to look at some other example courses that might not be part of your institution. Well, if your school is a Canvas School you are in luck (if you’re not a Canvas school: 1. What are you waiting for and 2. You still might find it useful).

Instructure has been adding to a list of publicly available courses and their templates for people to browse. Now you can take a look and build upon a community of courses! As an Instructional Designer this is extra awesome since often faculty have great ideas, but not a lot of experience at how to set them up. Now I can point to examples that aren’t coming directly from me.

My only complaint right now is I can’t seem to see where/how to submit other examples. It would be great if there was a simple way to have more community members contribute.


Canvas Course Collections | Canvas Guides.



One comment on “Instructional Design: Canvas Course Collections

  1. Hey Shaun,
    I am very glad to hear that you are finding the collection to be useful. We will be adding more courses in the coming weeks. As for how you can suggest more additions, please see “CCC1: What are the course submission guidelines for Collection 1?” It is the third link under “About Canvas Course Collections” on this page:

    Thanks again for the shout out.
    Scott Dennis

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