Quick Reaction to a couple of hours playing Wildstar

20130618081801!Wildstar_logoI got the chance to play Wildstar over the past few days in their Open Beta. Here’s what I think so far.


So I’m sure there are about 10 million blog posts like this which focus on the Wildstar Beta, how people leveled to 50 already and are raiding and whatnot. Personally I barely have time to play games at all anymore so when I do a Quick Reaction post like this it tends to be from a level 5-10 sort of example. I also try to take a very laymens approach to these types of reviews. It’s a beta and a genre that many gamers have found to be over-saturated and major time commitments.

So I log in and started a new character. At first the character creation screen was a little confusing to me. Once I started customizing I decided to make a change and I couldn’t figure out how to get back. Once I got around that there came the part that stops me dead in my tracks: what class to choose.

Wildstar has some very interesting classes so this was extra difficult. I’m always going back and forth and end up playing a healer that I hate. Fortunately Wildstar has a plan to solve that by making all the damage dealers healers as well so you can still contribute. For this demo I went with the Engineer. Bringing utility is something I always liked and most of the people I talked to about the game said Engineer is a good choice.

Upon starting up I have to admit my first gripe. The very first starting zone. If I wasn’t an MMO player I would have been so completely lost. You ¬†instantly start running around trying to figure out why you have no weapon. Then it’s your usual MMO fare “get X of these” “kill X of those”, but while it’s not reinventing the wheel here there’s just something enjoyable about it.

The fighting telegraph system where you and enemies project an overlay of where your heavy attack is going is quite fun and still challenging. It is reminiscent of GW2 but without all the randomness. In GW2 you dodge but more than half the time you dodge right into the enemy attack. The advice on the engineer was very sound. It’s a fun class and I haven’t even gotten bots yet. ¬†They move slow but I never feel in danger and my attacks feel pretty strong. I’ve heard the Medic is a blast too as a damage dealer so I might try them out next.

All in all Wildstar wont’ re-invent the world of MMOs but it is very fun. Boss fights look complex and challenging, the art and character style is enjoyable in that it does not take itself too seriously which I enjoy.

On June 3rd it’s definitely one to watch for.


Wildstar (so far)


Fun (and for an MMO vet that is really saying something because I get bored very fast)

Enjoyable design style/art/voiceovers

Challenging boss fights

Very balanced focused (not perfect but you can see that if you pick a class you’re not perpetually screwed)

NO haggard elves and fantasy crap (Sci-Fi!)


Major time sink

Doesn’t appear to be super focused on the casual gamer (could be a pro as well).

Subscription based

not really doing anything to further the genre.


One comment on “Quick Reaction to a couple of hours playing Wildstar

  1. Well, I remember back in 2011, when they first announced it, (I think it was around then anyway; there were some videos circulating the web at that time for sure, such as this from 2011: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4fIruA4fxo ), Wildstar got me all hyped up. Took some time before it actually arrived, but when it finally did, it was a pretty good experience tbh.

    I had some beta invites, but by the time I got those, I was a bit on the fence. Nevertheless I picked up the game on launch day and started running around with a Warrior. The whole experience of it was pretty decent (I am saying this as a long time WoW player). The story is compelling and the areas (zones) are well made. Lacks a bit in some of the sub-systems such as trading/crafting/auction house interfaces, but I suppose that will all be ironed out as time goes by. The PvP is pretty decent too.

    As an MMO, I can put it this way: If this was the first MMO ever made, people would be over the moon about it. It IS a great game in itself. The raiding has an unprecedented approach, for example ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lr5wzAviCQ ). Thing is, over the years we have seen so many games fall into the trap of trying to copy one another or do the same, only better – well, this might be a good thing actually – because it creates competition and we all know competition is good for the end user. But none has really “risen to the challenge” of becoming a “WoW killer”. Honestly I do not think anyone ever will. A new, successful MMO has to be a good experience in its own right and for its own reasons.

    As for the economy there is one thing that really separates Wildstar from other MMOs; the C.R.E.D.D. system. The way they laid out this whole feature is pretty unique. It is about taking power away from the 3d party actors and transferring it over to the players. I know that one can get a good deal on some sites, such as g2a: https://www.g2a.com/r/wildstar-category-global – but if one can make big bucks in game (being sort of an in game tycoon), one can actually end up paying for the subscription by just playing the game.

    In the end I think it is safe to say that the impressions one gets from playing a new MMO depends on where you are coming from. If you have played MMOs for 15 years, you will not easily get impressed. But if you are just starting out, and Wildstar is your first MMO experience, it is as good as any.

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