Xbox Live to remove Gold requirement for Netflix and Hulu?

netflix-xboxLooks like Don Mattrick leaving the company has already started paying dividends.

Ah Xbox Live, how I love/hate thee. While a 360 owner I shelled out 50-60 bucks a year for all the features that let’s be honest were a little better at the time than PSN. For example no one can sit and say the PS3 party chat and in game chat were works of art and comparatively I found myself more often using my 360 when dealing with multiplayer games.

That’s not to say that PSN sucks because it doesn’t. They’ve really caught up with the PS4 and being able to get some old games for your monthly tithe is pretty damn awesome. Sony also offers a lot more than Microsoft when it comes to NOT paying. The biggest one being Netflix.

For Xbox owners you have to pay for a Live Gold account which drew the ire of many. Since I’m a dummy and pay anyway I didn’t mind as much, but for some who don’t game that much it was an annoying extra expense that other services offered for free.

However, this may be changing. According to multiple sources on the internet, MS is considering moving streaming services like Netflix, and Hulu out from behind the paywall. It seems like ever since that idiot Don Mattrick (who as you can tell I cannot stand) left the company Xbox has really started to refocus on the games and less on the “OMG CABLE TV” silliness that no one was particularly interested in.

Of course you have to wait to see if it is real, but if it is I think it is a move in the right direction. If people want to watch TV they’ll have a cable box. If Microsoft wants to get into the cable box business that’s great but why not make a separate device or make the cable companies work on it. Leave the gaming machine to the GAMERS!!!

Report: Xbox Live to remove Gold requirement for Netflix and Hulu 



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