Wildstar Open Beta starts…NOW!

20130618081801!Wildstar_logoAnyone that knows me knows I always have a soft spot for MMOs. World of Warcraft consumed a huge portion of my life, Star Wars Galaxies, Star Wars the Old Republic, Guild Wars 2… you name it, I’ve probably played it. One of the newcomers to the MMO world is Wildstar. Starting today (May 8th) there is an open beta running now until May 18th.

You can snag your key signup here. Lots of people playing talk about it being a WoW clone, but there is something about the art style and gameplay I’ve seen that just make me intrigued. It brings back actual enemy mechanics in dungeons, and movement (every boss fight I’ve seen is very movement based). It seems to bring back the one thing that I’ve sorely missed form WoW for a long time.




As a WoW beta player the one thing that has gone away consistently with every expansion has been satisfaction. Epic items were earned in Vanilla WoW, but in recent releases they’ve practically been given away. Dungeon boss fights have degenerated into simple ability fights or predictability fights that just left me wanting to do something else. Like, I never felt like I earned my good gear, it was just inevitable.

Another plus for Wildstar is the gamestyle. So many MMOs are just orcs, and elves and fantasy. There are some that go into the sci-fi side of things, but I haven’t seen a new one in a while. I also like the cartoon graphics style and the appearance that the game developers are taking a comedic, light approach to the game makes me very intrigued.

Hopefully soon I’ll get a chance to try it out in open beta and post up a review.


Open Beta sign up here!




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