Why did this game get shelved!?!

avengersI know that when it comes to modern games I tend to be more unhappy with games than happy. I find the direction many game franchises have been going is redundant, depressing, and unimaginative. This weekend I found this YouTube video and it sent me through the roof.




What you are looking at is some early gameplay footage of a now dead THQ game. When the game company closed up shop it simply disappeared and no one apparently picked it up to continue developing. Looking at this footage this would be one hell of a Kinect Game not to mention a killer 3 platform game. You have the marketability of the Avengers with what looked like a fun beat em up and 1st person. Why on earth did no game developer pick this up?

While I’m sure there are a billion reasons I’m not privy to as an outsider of the game industry I see this as a great example of what is wrong with the modern gaming industry. So many companies rely on tried and true (read boring) game play mechanics and styles it is just so stale and unimaginative. I know i’m going to get blown up over this one but what really is the difference between any of the Call of Duties other than new guns? What is innovative about it anymore? Don’t even get me started on Madden.

And yes I’m sure there are a billion exceptions to the rule but you can see the same thing happening to games that happened to music and film. You have people that want to make money over their product and they do everything they can in order to guarantee that profit. So they copy what someone else did. And yes, there are the independents and the mobile developers out there doing amazingly cool things, but i still have to question the so called AAA developers and what I believe is their lack of vision.




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