Gaming: New State of Decay expansion is coming and it looks awesome

imagesState of Decay has always been one of my favorite games. Zombie horror is a pretty huge genre right now, so having one that stands out is a pretty big deal. This game combines the classic survive the zombies game with a builder as well as a survivor. Despite being a little glitchy on PC, it was a blast to play. The first expansion, Breakdown added an endless survival mode that was really my only major gameplay complaint (the story is great but short). Their latest upcoming edition, Lifeline looks like it’s going to be even more awesome.


This game is a separate, parallel storyline that happens at the same time as the original game. You play a much more militarized character which allows the game to go more gun crazy (which is awesome), and you can see the AI act in a much more organized manner. I used to hate how  zombies would hit my camp, and the AI would just stand around and get eaten.

Lifeline brings about a significant amount of upgrades and tweaks that many players complained about. Chief among them was the inability to store items in your car (which you will be able to not only in Lifeline but in Breakdown as well).


Here is a short breakdown of what I was able to glean that is coming from the video:


  • Military themes.
  • Off map support (call in drone strikes, ammo drops, artillery strikes, etc.)..
  • improved Ai.
  • More gunplay.
  • Car inventory.
  • Lots of new construction for bases.
  • New places to search like box trucks.
  • Less time pressure (the game does not progress when you’re offline)
  • Weapons are instant repaired but cost resources
  • Each game has a C.O. which gives your specific abilities and skills.

The other thing I noticed during the gameplay (and was echoed in the commentary) is that you start off with a lot of stuff but it progressively gets worse as the game goes on (one might say the situation…decays), you lose your contact with your HQ and you have to rely more and more on scavenging. This is the opposite of the original and one I’m happy about seeing.

Below is the twitch video. It’s a little long but very much worth watching. I can’t wait for this to drop and consume my summer.



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