Game Chasin’: Berlin at the end of April

neslistcollageimageGame chasin’ or the art of finding really really old video games at flea markets, has been a long standing hobby of mine. I’m doubly lucky in that I have a lot of friends and family who participate as well. This past sunday we went to Berlin Farmer’s Market to do a little game chasin’

Berlin has always been one of my tried and true flea markets. I’ve consistently had better luck finding things game wise than say Englishtown (Berlin is also paved which is a really nice benefit), plus it’s a little more organized which is nice.

You have a mix of vendors with some game knowledge, some who just happen to have some as well as a pro video game store. Personally I don’t go to that store very much since their prices are a bit on the high side, but it’s great if you’re really looking for something specific.

This time around however we didn’t find quite as much. Many of the vendors simply weren’t there and those that were didn’t have much in the way of stock. Saw a couple of Dreamcasts and a metric ton of xbox 360/PS3 stuff but very little in the say of retro gaming.

Even one of the vendors that has always been tried and true seemed picked clean which is pretty rare on a Sunday morning. Maybe it’s still too cold, but I was surprised I only saw 3 people selling games at all. Hopefully this isn’t an indicator that it’s been picked clean already.

Then on the way back we stopped at a local store: Bandit Video Games. Bandit certainly stocks a lot more modern stuff, but you always seem to find some older stuff there. I caught a couple of nice in box items but wasn’t super interested. It was good to see a local store with some stock which can be a rarity in South Jersey.

My haul from the day:

River City Ransom (with Manual) – I always have had a thing for this game and the play/animation style


Mappy Land (with manual) – Picked this from Bandit

Defender of the Crown – Found this on at a random booth.

Super Ghouls and Ghosts – Bandit. Most expensive game I got at $15

Q*bert manual

NES Play action Football manual

I didn’t take a pick but I also scored a power pad for five bucks



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