Gaming Challenge: Tecmo Bowl

imagesComing off defeating Castlevania 2 last night I think my next challenge will be a little easier. It’s not a game people tend to brag about beating but it is beatable and insanely fun: Tecmo Bowl

Ah, Tecmo Bowl. If I had a dollar for every fight this game started at my house. I still remember playing with friends and that feeling of utter rage when someone picks your play 5 times in a row. This game is more notorious for being a 2 player competitive game than a single player challenge but it is a winable game.

I know in today’s modern games Madden is a complex real life simulation of a football game. Tecmo Bowl is just about the polar opposite. The offensive team has 4 plays. That’s it. No substitutions, no audibles. Two runs and two passes. The defense has to try to guess what play the offense is picking and if they do it’s usually a sack or tackle for loss.

This simple approach to gameplay is what makes the game so darn fun and one that sometimes I think people often overlook. The other thing that makes this game interesting is that it was one of the first games to officially be licensed by the NFL players association meaning it has the names of real NFL players in it. Moreover certain players are “rated” as better than others. For example the Los Angeles team has Bo Jackson who is the fastest running back in the game. As you can see below it’s almost impossible to stop him.



There are killer receivers (Jerry Rice) and some killer defensive players (Lawrence Taylor) in the game. For this challenge I’m going to pick the Chicago team which is balanced with a good run game and an OK pass game.


For this game challenge I will be working under the following conditions:

Original Hardware

No turbo

No save states

No cheat codes

No BO JACKSON (which is almost like a cheat).

7 Days.

Starting Monday night I’ll start on beating this game, updating both Twitter and this blog with each post.

Hopefully by the end of this week I’ll be able to upload a victory video!


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