Instructional Design: Creating a Video Live Chat with Google

imgres  I love including lots of videos in my coursework. From found content  to YouTube, to a narrated lecture adding video can start to bridge the gap from a passive learning to experience to a more active one (Video is still passive in nature but it’s much easier to focus on than a wall of printed text. However, the challenge is making those videos more interactive. I also have found that when moving form one piece of content to another there can be an informational doorway which students enter and forget everything from the video. Recently I’ve been faced with this challenge and came up with some interesting workarounds.

One of my holy grail content interactions has been to have a video playing and have people live chatting/commenting or working together. I’ve done it in the past with a LMS discussion board, Twitter with hashtags, and TitanPad, but it has always felt a bit wonky. Multiple browser tabs can be confusing for some students, not to mention switching back and forth can make you miss vital information. While it is true you can cram two separate windows into one screen it’s just not the same. Having it real time was a really desirable option even if students are learning asynchronously since they can collaboratively discuss and note take.

wrongYou’re doing it wrong…

The other day I was messing around and came up with an idea on how to do this for free, have it real time, and awesome. Here is what you’ll need

Instructor: You need a YouTube video, and a Google Drive/Docs account

Students: They will need a Google account as well (You don’t need one, but it will be anonymous without logging in.

Note: This only will work with YouTube for now.

Step 1: Find a Youtube video you want to share. Copy the URL

Step 2: Start a Google Pesentation

Step 3: On the title slide insert a the video you want to share. You can also search right from that window.

Step 4: Now if you want to directly share (meaning no login steps for students) Simply click the Share button. When you share it make sure you set their access to “Can Comment” This prevents them from messing with your document but will let them use the comment feature.


You can also share it via a URL the same way. Students will have to log in in order to have their account name visible, but if you don’t mind anonymous posts you can go this route too.


Now you are all set! Students can double click the video and comment on the right side in real time or one after another! Here is an example of a really ugly demo I threw together.

Click here to see the comments

Clicking the link below will let you add comments. This is how I would set it up inside of a LMS. Students click can see the info I want them to. They double click and watch an go.

Now I’m sure by now several of you are screaming that Zaption can do this, but it’s also 50 dollars a year. I can also put several slides together with directions and additional links that students can comment right next too. This also again is in real time which is a huge bonus for me since you can foster a sense of community this way. Discussion boards are often not real time so you have to refresh non stop to see changes and that gets old real fast.

Anyway, feel free to check out the demo and comment. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to try this out in a live fire event soon enough.


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