Gaming Challenge: Simon’s Quest

Iimgres-1t’s been a while since I’ve had the time to really work on beating some NES games. As summer approaches, and I’m faced with a less stressful job, that time has started to open up. So to start off, I’m going to tackle one of the more controversial games in the NES library: Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest

Castlevania 2 falls in line with many of the sequels for the NES (Super Mario Bros. 2, Snake’s Revenge) in that many people found it vastly inferior and frustrating when compared with their predecessors. Castlevania two seemed like a game that started out with some big plans, but ended up falling far far short of the expectations. For example, one of the ambitious features was a day/night cycle that changed enemies on screen. Seems like a straight forward idea, but its execution comes off as a completely jarring experience. With each cycle you are met with a dialogue box (No way to skip) and about a 10-15 second animation. First time it’s cool. After the 3rd you’re totally sick of it. You are also confronted with insanely cryptic puzzles, almost no bosses, and lots of moments of pure frustration. One quick Google search and you will find scores of venomous reviews.

Sounds like my kind of game.

For this game challenge I will be working under the following conditions:

Original Hardware

No turbo

No save states

No cheat codes

7 Days.

Starting Monday night I’ll start on beating this game, updating both Twitter and this blog with each post.

Hopefully by the end of this week I’ll be able to upload a victory video!


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