A return to blogging

imgresIt seems like every couple of months I’m making these types of posts.

After a lot of thought and consideration I’ve decided to return to this blog but to take it into a slightly new direction. Originally I intended for this blog to be about everything. Teaching, work, gaming it was going to be an all in one. Much like many people I always have had a strong association with work being a huge part of my life. Recent, events (that I won’t go into) are pushing me in a different direction, and subsequently my passion has started to drift towards my hobbies moreso than my profession.

So this blog will become more about music and gaming. I’m planning on another work related blog but if there is one thing I have learned this year. Keeping my work life separate from my personal life is a good thing. It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted but you’ll see me on here more often.


Happy reading

By Shaun Holland Posted in Gaming

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