Departure, a death, some wandering, and a return

971693_10200733157185899_320102722_nWow it has been a VERY long time since I’ve even visited this site.  For a while I wandered around a bit, but I’ve finally made by way back.


For a while I gave up on this site. I felt as if my voice was going out but not a lot of people were listening. I look at my friends success with their blogs and I have to admit I got quite jealous. I mean here I am posting all kinds of things and I would barely get comments or even page views in most cases. After a while it just wore me down. At the time I felt like “what’s the point?” So I left this blog for a while

a death

Then the 365 playlist project came to me in a fit of creativity.  Music has always been a huge part of my life ( I mean, I freakin’ majored in it), so why not a community based blog about music. I post one playlist I’m listening to every day, and other people can post too. Sounded like a great idea and there were a fair amount of people interested. Well people’s interest often did not turn into actual contributions, and I’ll be the first person to tell you that 365 posts doesn’t seem like much until you’re about 100 in and really struggling to assemble a sentence. Once in high school I flirted with the idea of becoming a writer, now I know I don’t have the legs to run through creating an entire novel. Today I finally gave up and killed off that blog. I am sad about it since I did think it would have been a ton of fun, but I’m old enough to admit when I have made a mistake and that was one of them.

some wandering

There was some life events as well here so don’t think I just was sitting around playing video games not doing anything at all. Well, sometimes that happened but I’m only human after all. Beyond the usual craziness that my job brings I also happened to get married this year. To define my relationship with Erika you have to use “whirlwind” and “always interesting” as a descriptor. All I know for sure is she’s the love of my life and everyday leading up to, and beyond the wedding has been a dream come true. Yes there were some stress moments (my car is OK) during the wedding week but all in all it was the best wedding ever. I even got over my stage fright for a bit and sang a duet at our reception.


I also experienced traveling outside of the country for the first time. For whatever reason leaving the U.S. for me never happened until now. We honeymooned in Belize and it was simply amazing. It’s something I whole heartedly recommend if you have the opportunity to go. I’ve never met more polite, laid back and fun people as the people of Belize.

Form work we officially moved off of haggard Blackboard to Canvas as our primary Learning Management System. Now, I know there are a lot of Blackboard users out there and the product isn’t bad, it’s just nice to take in some new perspective when it comes to software, and the folks at Instructure just get it. I’ve never worked with a more fun, energetic, and responsive company ever, and in higher ed that’s frankly unheard of.

and a return

So here I am back on the blog that started it all sitting in a cube with a little extra hardware on my finger. Am I older? Yeah. Am I wiser? That’s highly debatable, but I’m still here still plugging away. During my hiatus from this blog I realized the most important thing about blogging: it doesn’t matter who or how many read it. It’s about expressing, thinking, and sharing your thoughts and information, and if people find it interesting that’s great. If not, who cares.


Hopefully I’ll be able to ramp up blogging here a lot more.



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