One Game off the bucket list (Finally)


It’s been a long time since I updated my Nintendo bucket list but last night I finally had an update.

Ghostbusters is one of those NES games you only want to play if you enjoy being frustrated on a biblical level. The game itself plays so badly that it is often considered one of the worst games ever created for the NES.

and last night I beat it.

It took me months of practice with an emulator so get through the Stairwell. The Stairwell level is the primary reason the game sucks. You have to climb 20 floors avoiding ghosts. You have no weapons or defense (save for a few items that are very cost prohibitive to buy) and the worst part is to move you have to tap the A button repeatedly. Any more than a few hits and you’re starting over (not the level it’s back to the start of the game).

It is maddeningly difficult and one hard to practice since it’s random the whole time. The best part is the reward for winning:

Yeah “Conglaturation” I am not making this up. Conglaturation is actually on the final screen. Which totally made this worth it.


A few tips if you’re crazy/bored/stupid enough to actually want to do this:

1. Super Trap – Make this your first purchase. It saves a lot of time.

2. Take your time, you will likely need to skip entering “Zuul” a few times to save up for everything you need.

3. Ghost Food is almost totally useless, save up for the suit, and the sound generator. They are must haves if you want to make a real push to beat the game.

4. There is no time limit on the stairs so be patient.

5. The final fight against Zuul is a joke. Just center yourself, hit Zuul once or twice then duck to the screen below to avoid getting hit. Rise and repeat.


Here is a link to my updated NES Bucket List. Not sure what I’m going to do next.


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