I forgot to post about beating this game!

the_goonies-139369-2I had another game come off the bucket list this year but I totally forgot to mention it. 
So this year my fiance and I spent Thanksgiving with my family. Like any video game addict I took my Nintendo with me and a copy of Goonies 2. Goonies 2 was always this weird/difficult game that has few similarities to the film other than some character names.

Basically you play Mikey and have to rescue the goonies and some random mermaid. Very strange.

And very difficult. The game has a HUGE map. One bigger than any game I have ever played. It’s actually a reversible map which menas you tkae the map and multiply it by 2. Because of this I ended up going to a map from a website to get an idea about where the heck do I go.

So I started at around 8 after dinner, and finished at 8 the next morning, but I finally defeated the game.

All in all it’s a fun game if you don’t mind games that are super difficult and confusing.

Anyway here’s a video of the ending.

Sorry for the shaky camera but I was exhausted and trying to play 1 handed.


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