It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this site…

downloadDon’t worry the site isn’t going away. I’ve just got a few new projects on the Horizon.

Forst and foremost I’m still doing weekly talks with my dear friend John LeMasney about technology and teaching. Admittedly the talks have replaced my need a bit for posting information on this site, but I promise I’ll keep things interesting here just not as often.

I’ll also have a new blog premiering tomorrow about music. I’ll have an announcement post ready to go tomorrow so stay tuned. It will be my first 365 project meaning I will have a post on that blog (by me or a friend) every day for 1 year. It’ll be a challenge but it will certainly be a rewarding experience to write and (hopefully read).

I think the focus on this blog will lean a little more towards the wedding (which is coming up) and some fitness thoughts. Yes I’m not running an iron man, but I have managed to lose around 80 lbs. in the past year not killing myself, so I’ll be posting a little there.



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