Dear Facebook: STAHP!!!!

ImageDear Facebook,

Look I get it. You have a zillion users. You have a ton of ad revenue. You are a cornerstone (for better or worse) of our society. But seriously stop being stupid. 

I’m sure it’s part of a backlash that their stock isn’t doing well, but Fb is floating the idea of letting people pay to Fb Message. So if I’m a company I now just have to pay to SPAM millions of people without having any way to defend against it… Awesome.

I understand money is money but it’s getting a little old with these micro-transactions  Pay to send gifts, pay to play games. Dude the point of Social networking is to share information and converse. You’re losing site of it and  its going to backfire big time on you.

Perhaps you missed the boat on the issues with your bro, Instagram. People don’t like to be the active subject of money making. Whether it’s selling photos or making money to be spam inboxes, we don’t want it.

Yes you can bank on the fact that you’re so big that no one could ever leave you. However I think Twitter and Google+ have just been waiting for you to pull something stupid like this so they can swoop in and grab more of your market share.

So please for all of our sakes stop being dumb and keep it like it is. Thanks.


Addicted social networking guy.

Facebook ‘experiment’ lets select users pay to have messages routed directly to a stranger’s inbox.


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