Mindful Mynah: A new work reminder tool I’m starting to love

ImageIn my job there is a lot of “multitasking” so I am always looking for a new app or strategy to stay afloat above all of my work. 

I use “multitasking” in quotes because to be honest I am not 100% convinced multitasking really exists. I tend to think of it as people become attached to a thought or work item and it becomes an obsession. Then that obsession wanders into my area of work and I am exptected to have the same level of passion and attention to it which sometimes just is not the case.

Because of all of the chaos that surrounds my job it’s easy for me to get off task, to forget to complete an e-mail draft or update someone’s course information. Mindful Mynah has started to become a big part of curbing that.

Mindful Mynah has a simple function it plays a tone at a time interval of your choosing. While it sounds silly having a chime go off every 30-60 mins is a huge benefit for me because it reminds me of how long I’ve been working on something.


It’s $2 in the app store  and in my opinion definitely worth checking out if you have to balance a lot of items at once in your daily work routine.

If anyone has a Win/Linux alternative let me know!




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