Internet shocker! Big companies don’t care about Democracy

no_vote_buttonI guess it’s the cynic in me that is not surprised at all about this but Facebook’s Governance voting has ended. The company heard your votes, but has decided they will do whatever they want anyway. 

Most people probably had no idea this was going on but Facebook wanted to make some changes to their policies. The short version is they wanted to integrate instagram data essentially making photos you upload there part of Facebook (and part of their TOS), update its Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, aas well as its Data Use Policy. In an act mostly funded by some desire to get good PR, Facebook instituted a round of voting to allow its users to weigh in on what they company should do.

And some of you voted! Yes a total of 588,803 facebook users voted on this with a majority shooting down the changes. However, since that number is less than 1% of its users, Facebook just decided to heck with it and will do what it wants anyway.

Now most of you are probably a) confused and didn’t know and b) upset that your votes don’t count. While that’s a natural reaction people seem forget that Facebook is a COMPANY. It’s not a social service and it’s not a right. While you feel it’s your right to post pictures of cats and parties you agreed to their Terms of Service which basically says they do what they want with your stuff. The bottom line is all of us are addicted to Facebook so we won’t leave and the company knows that and will make whatever changes it wants to until people stop using it.

This post is also part rant to the silly geese who posted that fake statement on their profiles saying Facebook can’t use their pictures. Once again a COMPANY is not a democracy, it’s not a right.

Now am I saying what they do with your items is right? No. Am I saying that I like the idea of a company using a picture of mine in an advertisement without letting me know? No. However I do know that I agreed to it when I made my account. If I don’t like it I can leave at any time, and so can you.

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