A nice xmas gift for the Android gamer we all know

moga-game-controllerFor whatever reason I’ve never been very into portable gaming. I had a Gamegear back in the day but that was about it. Now a days though I find myself playing more and more games on my phone which if you’re an Android user has gotten to be pretty darn awesome. MOGA just came out with an Android controller, and I may be changing my tune on gaming at some point.

MOGA’s controller is Bluetooth so there’s no cables, gives you a basic modern controller layout (think Xbox 260) and will work on basically any phone. Couple that with an HDMI adapter and a TV and you’ve got a mini portable console!

The controller runs on AA batteries but will still give you 18 hours of gameplay which is impressive. At $45 it beats paying for a stand alone portable too.

I have heard rumors that the driver will constantly stay on unless you shut it off which is annoying, plus if you’re going to use this it’s recommended you have a MOGA universal driver. MOGA uses an app to configure controls which limits games that work. I have heard through some forum trolling that if you use the Universal it just works like a standard Bluetooth controller which means any game (including emulators works).


Gizmodo Review



MOGA Mobile Gaming Controller for Android Smartphones & Tablets | PowerA.


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