This is the reason I won’t ever switch to an iPhone

To be honest, lately I have been really disinterested in the whole mobile phone arena. iOS is cool, but it’s so repetitive plus I hate having stuff everyone else has. Android is good, but hey I’ve had one for a long time and it’s starting to get old. WP8 is cool I guess, but I’m still waiting for that one app or option that makes it killer. Having said that I just found this, and I now know I’ll never ever buy an iPhone.

The fact that something like this exists is the primary reason why I’ll never support iOS. Below is a link to the latest Camera case for the iPhone. It’s backed by which is called the It turns your 8 megapixel camera into a 14 megapixel powerhouse. You just sacrifice your dignity doing so.

How did this escale ANY design team? Did I mention it’s $315!?!

Oh and BTW it doesn’t use the iPhone’s default camera app. They wrote a specific one for it called.,sosho, say that out loud and let that sink in.

I just can’t support a phone that allows this to be made. For $315 you can buy a stand along Point and shoot that would be a quantum leap above this. I… I got nothin’.’s New Phone Case: Worse Than His Band.

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