Hurricane Sandy: Stories, pictures, and video

So I’m sure tons of people have been posting these but I’m finally in a space where I can do some writing of my own. I’m currently in central New Jersey post hurricane and it’s been a hell of a trip so far.I’ll start off Monday night where my fiance and I were in my apartment preparing to ride out the storm. We chose to shack up in my place because I have a gas powered stove so I can still cook with no power. We stocked up on water and food and spend Sunday baking stuff so we’d have plenty to eat just in case. Being the grandson of a Navy man I usually am pretty prepared for stuff like this. I always have a go bag ready at all times with stuff in it, but unfortunately this time around I found half of my go bag was left in my previous apartment and it was one of the more important pieces, my dynamo radio was missing. For whatever reason this set me on edge the whole time.

Anyway Sunday and Monday were pretty uneventful until Monday night when the storm started rolling in. We kept power OK throughout the day but as night started to roll in,  the power started browning out pretty hard. Around  7:30 my fiance heard some weird noises coming from the street we look out the window and we see a powerline had fallen onto the street and hit a parked car shooting sparks all over the road. At one point it caught the lawn on fire. While we were a few buildings away, it was pretty intense. Below are a couple of videos I posted of the whole thing:

The police and fire department showed up pretty quick and a little while after that we went dark. It’s Thursday and my power is still off.  Here are a couple of aftermath pics from around the apartment complex.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The images from the street are from where the power line fell. It literally punched holes in the street.

As of Thursday we’re holed up in my fiance’s apartment. She has power but had some roof damage and the celing in her room has water damage meaning all of her furniture is in the living room. Fortunately she has a comfortable couch, electricity and the internet so I’ll be all set for now.

All in all my fiance and I were seriously lucky to have ended up OK and without any major problems. Hopefully by next week we will be all back to normal.


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