Knowmia, looks like a promising video platform for education

Education today is fascinated with video for better or for worse. Whether it is creating content in video, or watching video it seems like we just can’t get away from the camera lens. Many of my colleageues have coined the phrase “the point and shoot generation” when speaking about out current crop of students. They’ve moved past reading and even past web browsing to using video.

Knowmia appears to be a project that wants to become a hub for all of this instructional video. Knowmia has been founded by the co-founders of the oft missed Flip video camera to house online lessons for students to watch and teachers to use. Already they are hosting around 7,000 lessons. Teachers can register for free and upload their own lessons to share with the world.

As a trainer I’m kind of psyched about using this. It gets away from the stigma that can sometimes follow YouTube, and lets me publish my stuff for everyone.

From the folks who brought you Flip Video: Knowmia, an online vid platform for students and teachers — Engadget.


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