Why I have this site and why it’s important

Why do we blog? Why to we post things to Facebook/Twitter? What is the point? It seems like every day I am asked these questions, and more and more Social Media is taking on a negative connotation.

What people miss about the importance of Social Media is not only profound but can be a life changing event.

 When people ask me about Social Media it’s usually from a position of negativity. “Isn’t Facebook where you post up drunk pictures?” “Those people really aren’t your friends!” “Twitter is just a bunch of kids putting up what they ate for breakfast.” “Blogs are nothing but misinformation.” When faced with these questions I usually respond. “Yes, yes they can be. But so can Television shows, books, and any conversation you have on the street.” That isn’t the point of Blogging or any Social Networking site.

Whether we like it or not, we are not forever. There are few constants in this world, but one of the few is that everyone wants to be remembered. Everyone wants a record of what they have done, and everyone wants to pass along some type of legacy. It may be a positive one, or it may be a negative one, but everyone wants to be remembered. What better way than a Blog. 70 years from now (crosses fingers) my grandkids may be able to sit at my funeral reading my thoughts and hopes from when I was twenty. With pictures and video, all preserved electronically. It is a difficult concept to accept, that one day your body will be growing plants out of the ground, but the idea that your legacy will still be there is a major comfort. Memories fade, pictures without captions become confusing, stories begin to be revised, but with Social Media those memories, pictures and stories can be preserved. Since the dawn of man, we have strived to carry on our legacy. Writers and poets talk about living on in their works, Cultures created monuments out of stone and earth to show they were there. Now with the internet we can do the same digitally.

Another reason is things change. Life is constantly in motion and as a human being we are constantly learning and reforming opinions. While I understand everyone wants to be right all the time, what is so wrong with showing a record that you were wrong? Why not show you have changed. Let’s say you post an opinion article on your blog. What you’re doing is at that point in time you felt this way. What is so wrong about writing another one that says I used to feel that way but you were wrong. Being wrong is a part of life and embracing that is important.

While Social Media and Blogging can be that thing we sometimes post things to that are “inappropriate” or “embarrassing” it’s an important legacy you can pass on to future generations.


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