This is the reason why the Kinect is important

This video caught my eye on Kotaku. Now minus your opinion about dubstep ( I like it but some people don’t), This should have you jumping for joy at the Kinect’s existence. Why you ask? I’ll tell you why.

Now as I said this video uses dubstep as an example and hey you might like it or you may hate it, but you need to look past the music itself to see what is really happening here.

It’s a way to create music with technology without learning.

Somewhere my music teachers are beginning to panic. What I’m looking at is a paradigm shift in music. No longer will musicians have to channel their creativity into an instrument. Rather they can use their body as the instrument and the machine will help interpret their motions into music.

Think about a piano. Let’s say as a musician, I have to play something on the piano. The instant I am at the piano my mind is limited to what the piano can and cannot do. The same with the trumpet, and my voice. Musical instruments and the human body have a finite set of limits. With something like this we can literally re-create and punch holes right through those limits.

Think about how MIDI started. It was a way for a computer to emulate instruments you as a musician didn’t have access to. This is like the next step!

Watching the performer apply dynamics and filters over the music is simply mesmerizing and something I have been searching for for a lifetime. Being able to give someone the ability to really harness music and not be limited by what your using is amazing.

It’s also starting to show what Microsoft really stumbled upon with the Kinect. The Native UI. Not being limited by the controls you have to use to interact with a machine. Rather the machine reacts to what you naturally do. It’s going to lead to the computer being an extension of you and your work rather than something you interact with.


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