AirDroid vs. Mighty Text: Battle to increase my laziness

Here is a link to an updated edition of this article

How many times has this happened to you. You sit down at your desk to get started and you get a text. You break out of your work to pick up your phone, complain about autocorrect for 10 minutes, then hit send. By the time your phone is back where it was 2 more texts pop up. And on and on.

I hate constantly having to switch between phone and work. Fortunately Android offers some nice alternatives, but which one is the best one?


In one corner we have AirDroid which gives you total control of your phone from any web browser. You can send files, interact with contacts and send text messages. You just have to be on the same wireless network and you have to pair your phone.

AirDroid works great and I LOVE being able to push and pull files from the phone without having to go through a ton of steps. It’s also very responsive and gives you a nice desktop view of your phone in your web browser.


MightyText is in the other corner. MT lets you send and receive texts (including MMS) to your phone. Just install the app on the phone and open their website up and you’re all set. Recently MT opened up to allow all browsers, but in my experience it works great with Chrome.

The verdict

In terms of straight text messages I have to give it to Mighty Text. You don’t have to be on the same wireless, it just works. I also got no MMS messages from AirDroid which was kind of a downer. I also like how you don’t have to pair if you’re using Chrome. Just install and go.

But if you’re looking for more file management and total control of your phone AirDroid is the clear winner. Mighty Text does text messages and that’s it. AirDroid basically gives you remote access to your entire phone which for people who live on their phones can be hugely beneficial.

The bottom line they both rule and they are both Free which is even better.

You can check out their sites here

Mighty Text


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