I think I just walked into the Twilight Zone: Android’s best app is made by Microsoft

So my favorite new Android app/web app that I find myself using hourly was coded by Microsoft. After reading that statement you’re probably making this face:

I swear it’s true.

Earlier this week Microsoft released an Android app/web app called On{X} (on-ex) that acts like an automator for your phone. Say you want to send a text automatically out every time you leave work, or you want a reminder put onto your calendar when you bail out on the gym three times. Hop over to On{X} web app, configure and install the app on your phone.

Unlike most automatic reminders that are based on time, On{X} is based on your location so it pings where you are to execute any rules.

The best part is if you know Java well you can dig right into the API and start writing your own custom scripts. If not there are 11 templates all ready to go.

If you own an Android Device this is one of those “must gets.” The only downside is you have to use a Facebook account to sign in, but it’s worth the allowances.



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