DIY cleaning wipes

I am a messy guy, I’ll admit it. I need to clean up stuff constantly (mostly the arcae machine) so I spend money on a lot of those cleaning wipe cans. Over at Mynewoldschool, they have a method on how to make your own.

Basically you use an old wipe can, cut up some paper towels (to fit them into the can) then pour your cleaning solution of choice over the towels. Once they’ve soaked for a while (usually 24 hours), you have the option of removing the cardboard tube out of the center so they can feed from the middle like the store bought ones.

Other things you might want to note is to not use cheap paper towels when doing this or they will likely melt.

Mynewoldschool has a much fuller How-to guide on this.

Old School – Self Reliance 101 » Blog Archive » make your own cleaning wipes.


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