Tungle might be my new favorite Web app

One of the more frustrating aspect of my job, is scheduling. Meetings, trainings, consultations, I spend hours trying to co-ordinate schedules. Traditionally this was done with e-mail, or with something basic like Doodle. I recently started using Tungle and I’m not planning on ever going back.Tungle is a free webapp. You sign up for it and it will create a webpage with a calendar (there’s personal info there but you don’t have to fill anything out). Once your page is created you can set times available for people. Then you share your page and people can just click to sign up for meetings. Simple and fast.

Moreover you can sync a public calendar with it (Google Calendar for example) that will block out available times for people. It does not reveal details, just that something is happening.

It’s a fantastic way to get people to sign up for appointments and the pricetag is totally worth it.


You can check mine out:



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