DAV pocket lab is so close to being awesome for my iPad

So I live in a very difficult position. I love google docs and I like to edit them sometimes on my iPad. The problem is that the one pretty good word processing app (Pages) doesn’t let me open any google docs. Well, DAV-pocket lab is an (almost) solution for this.

Basically DAV-pocket lab lets you pull your google docs  hosted stuff into Pages. It’s free and all you need is a signup. Initially I was very excited about this since I prefer using Pages on my iPad and I’ve always been constantly annoyed with not being able to get to Gdocs (For the record Google and Apple seriously need to stop being children and work together).

Now that I’ve been using it for a bit I’m less enthused about this. First and foremost Pages only lets you connect to one DAV at a time and doesn’t remember your login credentials. This becomes a PITA when you have 3 or 4 servers you have to switch between.

The other problem is any Gdocs formatted files won’t open in pages. Meaning you’re stuck using .doc files to get open.  That honestly was a serious problem for me since most of my stuff is in Gdocs format.

DAV-pocket is still worth checking out since you can map Gdocs to any computer with it which is nice. I just hope that sooner or later we can finally get one solution to edit all of our stuff.

And before everyone jumps down my throat about Quick Office or Docs2Go, yes I have tried both. In my opinion their editing stuff is not as good as Pages. Quick Office and Docs2Go also have no straight DAV support so I’m out of luck on that front as well.

I guess I’m stuck using 2 apps until this gets fixed… le sigh.

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