Google Docs: Keep an OLD Presentation Around (Controls free)

Google Docs is an amazing tool for anyone who has to type or create on a computer. One of the things that people can love/hate about Google Docs is that they’re constantly updating their product. Some people like that change can happen quickly, others don’t. Recently I just learned about a change which caused me to come up with a very interesting work around.You can make a Google Docs presentation now and publish it to the web. This means you have the option to nab an Embed code which is a bit of code you can put into any webpage. This puts your presentation inside of a player so people can see your stuff without having to download it. For teaching this is awesome because the student doesn’t have to do anything other than go to a website to see the presentation. Now there is the problem:

That little gear icon there lets you download the presentation or Print it right from the player. This is an updated  player and as much as I’ve tried I can’t disable that little gear. I really hope Google gives those of us that don’t want every person on the planet downloading our hard work the option to disable it, but as of now that is not happening.

Fortunately there is a minor work around and it’s pretty simple. Find an old presentation in your Google Docs list (one that was made before all the fancy UI changes. If you publish that presentation the embed code looks like this:

The old player is still there without the download option. Now what you’ll have to do from here:

1. Save your old presentation as a template (just name it Template).

2. Move your fancy new presentation into the template

3. Save it as a different file.

4. Republish the new presentation in the old template.

Is it a round about way to do it? Yes, but until Google removes that option in the new player this is your safest bet.

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