Apple’s big education announcement (liveblog)

I’m not lucky enough to get in, but I can read liveblogs with the best of them. So here we go!

Phil Schiller refers to it as the “education business” Personally I am not a fan of that phrase

“iPads are awesome for education” Inclined to say they make somethings easier, but honestly what can they do that a laptop can’t”

Schiller: “The US is 17th in reading 21st in math and 23rd in science globally. We can do better”

Next we get a video montage of teachers, and admins.

Video is the usual; huge class sizes, no money etc etc.

Why does this event start off on such a downer?

Also, if we have no money we’re going to buy tablets? Tablets and ebooks? Tablets, ebooks, and apps?

Schiller: “One company can’t fix it all, but we’re going to do our best”

Schiller: “iPads were #1 on the kid wish list”

20,000 “education and learning” applications for the iPad

Schiller: 1.5 million iPads are in use in educational programs (no citation)

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT 1: Reinventing the textbook

Schiller: Books are portable, but heavy not durable, not current, not interactive

The iPad is all of these (durable, really?)


“A new reading experience”

Roger Rosner is on the stage now

He opens a Biology book and a video plays

They are being reported as gorgeous

Lots of popouts and interactions

Rosner “Authors have total freedom to make amazing interactive experiences”

It seems very cool, but the cost is going to be the key. Also getting faculty members involved will be a tricky sell

Works in portrait and landscape (landscape gives you more stuff on the screen).

Lots of photos and videos are embedded.

You can search for specific words across the whole book, as well as page numbers

There are interactive quizzes inside of the textbook (being demoed since I’m sure not all books will have all of this)

You can highlight and annotate in the books as well.

There is a “My Notes” section that pulls them all together which can turn them into study cards.

There is a shopping section to look for new textbooks

You can purchase download, and redownload

Phil is back: iBooks2 is free, no mention of the book costs


iBooks authors is an OSX application that lets you design your own iBooks2 book

You can create some templates.

You can drag in your own images and your own video (how the heck is that copyright kosher?!?)

Dragging in a word file, it will automatically create sections and headers.

You can add some different widgets such as an image gallery inside of a chapter.

There’s compatibility between Keynote and iBooks 2 You can drop an entire Keynote into a chapter of the iBook

You can create your own widget (JavaScript and HTML)

Author has a glossary creation tool “Click a word to add, click again to define”

Then it’s one click publishing straight to the store. You can also bring it straight over to your iPad (you have to be tethered).

No mention of the approval store process.

iBooks Author is Free!

Wonder if the iBooks are cross platform. Would suck for teachers in colleges where kids bring whatever they want.

High school textbooks: $14.99 or less

Kids would buy themselves

Pearson, McGraw Hill and Houghton Mifflin are all on board

E.O. Wilson (biology) has a new book out in iBooks 2 today to try out for free

and a video showing how this will save the world.

I don’t know about changing the world, but it’s sure going to make Apple a lot of money


iTunes U which lets you send content around to any iOS device. Will now be able to create online courses.


It lets you post information, syllabus, office hours etc.

It creates a list of your created lectures

The assignments can pop right over to your iBooks selection

No mention of being able to complete work

You can link out to videos you have made.

You can link out into apps

This might be worthwhile again if every kids in your class is iOS… going to be a tough higher ed sell.

The App is free, books and apps will cost you obviously

k-12 people can use this we well.

People can click to enroll

And that is it. Check the blog out a little later to see my opinion on all of this.


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