Tomorrow Wikipedia is doing something awesome

For anyone not aware Congress is in the middle of debating a piece of legislature called SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). And basically it is going to kill the internet in a terrible way. Some people are talking about it, Wikipedia is going to do something tomorrow. SOPA basically will work like this: A company finds a website with some copyright material on it. They report it to homeland security (yeah those guys). Homeland Security will then not only inform all credit card companies to sever ties if there are any, but they will amend the DNS entry of the site essentially blocking it from access in the U.S. The problem in the process is there’s no trial, and no chance for the website to defend itself.

Not only that but it’s based on the company’s word. So think about it. Fox has been after YouTube for YEARS to get it shut down. Now it’s only a phone call away. The internet will become a mess of lawsuits the likes we have never seen in America.

Moreover screwing around with the DNS system will also likely result in entire sections of the internet being blocked! It will be an absolute nightmare for the internet.

Many companies have spoken out about this piece of crap legislature. Tomorrow Wikipedia will be shutting down for an entire day in protest. It might not sound like much but the fact that they would be willing to suspend service and essentially its income for an entire day.

I hope you join Wikipedia in letting congress know we like the internet free and we intend to keep it that way


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