Star Wars the Old Republic: An MMO worth playing

I’ve been playing Star Wars the Old Republic (swtor) for a few days now, and as far as I’m concerned this is one of the best MMOs ever made, and at long last I can see something that will be a real competitor with World of Warcraft

Now I do not work for a professional gaming site so I am still working my way through leveling my first character. I’m not an obsessed player yet either (Erika, I promise I still will have time for you 🙂 ), but I have to say overall I think this game is really fantastic. I can honestly say that this game brought me back to the first time I ever ran Scarlet Monastery. It is just so much fun to play through.

What sets it apart from the vast wasteland of MMOs, and even WoW itself is simple: they made a great compelling story for you to play through and that makes it a good RPG which is something a lot of MMOs forget about. You create your character and because of the setting, the voice acting (everything is voice acted in the game), you instantly begin to care for your character. You want to go through the quests because you want to see where you will end up. NO other MMO I have ever played really did that. Age of Conan was a muddled mess of a game, Warhammer I played for about 30 seconds and was bored out of my mind, Star Trek was OK but so repetitive and ground battles are just awful. DC Universe sort of did it but it was just uninteresting especially since you were going through the exact same storyline as everyone else. Each class has their own.

Believe me I have tried to find a competitor for a long time to WoW. Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, Star Trek Online, DC Universe Online the list goes on and one with disappointment after disappointment. SWtOR is the first game I have played that caught the magic that made WoW so addicting. Running my first flashpoint I was blown away that each interaction with an NPC (conversation wise) requires everyone to participate. Not only does this immerse you into the event, it makes the event a little different every time. Combining that with essentially 16 classes (4 main classes per faction with 2 advanced classes) to me lends itself to some serious playability. It’s also challenging without having to be ridiculous. One of my biggest complaints with WoW was how easy it became. At this point you don’t even have to go to an instance to get it, it just warps you right there.

Are there problems? Sure. Some people complain once you pick an Advanced class you can’t go back. I can see that since you might pick one you hate and I don’t think the game does the best job of explaining the differences. Does it still rely on the “trinity” approach to the game (tank, healer, damage) yes. But to be honest it never bothered me as much as other MMO players. I never really saw the problem with having predetermined roles in a raid or event. I mean why would you not want to go into an event without a healer or tank?

Anyway, Star Wars the Old Republic is a really great MMO and a pretty damn good RPG which is something hard to put together now a days. If you’re looking for a game this holiday season you can’t go wrong with the Old Republic.

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