Has something crazy happened at Microsoft

I’ve always been a fan of Microsoft. Say what you want about Windows Vista, but they have been known to make a very good product. They positioned themselves perfectly against Apple in the 80s and 90s and destroyed the personal computer market. They made Office software interesting and standard which is something no one thought could be done. They’ve also made a great push into the video game market. But I’m beginning to think someone has lost their mind in Washington.Today we have seen Microsoft OneNote appear in the  iOS app store. OneNote is just a part of the office suite but it was one of my favorite note taking apps on a computer. This also lends some credit to the rumor that they are going to release a version of Office for iOS.

Then we have Kinectimals, an early release game for the Xbox (for the Kinect) showing up in the iOS app store today as well. For 3 bucks you can play the game on your Apple device.

Lastly we have an iOS app, for Microsoft’s Sky Drive. Yep now all the Apple people can use SkyDrive for their device of choice. I’m pretty heavy into Google cloud storage solutions so I don’t think I’m switching, but Sky Drive offers a TON of storage for free.


While these are all probably unrelated events in their own right, I’m beginning to sense a strategy shift from Microsoft. For years since the launch of the iPod their approach has been. “You made something cool, we’ll make it better.” That has the advantage of being able to perfect your product. The downside is you don’t get to cash in on the other company’s profits. MS is missing out on a lot of money not developing for both its own products and Android/Apple. Perhaps things are starting to change for the better in Redmond. Why not develop and highlight how these apps would be even better on a Microsoft device?


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