Some Thanksgiving Atlanta pictures

I haven’t posted in forever! I am just too busy I guess. Anyway over Thanksgiving break I had the opportunity to travel to scenic Atlanta Georgia to visit with my girlfriend’s parents for the first time. Below are some things you need to do if you ever plan a trip there from the perspective of a New Jersian.

1. Bring hiking boots – I was right around Atlanta which I am told is the more “hilly” part of the state. Hilly is kind of a joke since it’s like mountain ranges everywhere. Considering the highest point in NJ I deal with is about as high as I can jump my legs were in for a beating. We took on two mountains and it was a lot of fun, but my legs and knees were ruined for about a week.

2. Kennesaw Mountain – Absolutely stunning view though I’ll admit I was too busy catching my breath cause my fattness doesn’t like exercise. From the top you can see an wonderful view of the Atlanta skyline and all of the surrounding boroughs. Definitley work the hike.

3. Stone Mountain – When I say Stone Mountain is a Mountain it is a friggin MOUNTAIN (1600 feet up). Again a bit of a physical challenge to get up there but absolutely worth it. I’m not gonna lie I am not a big fan of heights but it was worth terrorizing myself for a few hours (it’s only scary at the top). Also, if you’re a lazy bum there is a lift that will take you to the top but walking it is half the fun. Stone Mountain is also famous for thus huge carving of the founders of the Confederacy: Jefferson Davis,  Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee which is also really cool to look at.

4. Bojangles – They serve chicken and biscuits and it’s fast food style. Nothing is better.

5. Flip Burger – So one night we went to Flip Burger which is a restaurant owned by Blaze (winner of Top Chef All Stars). They serve Burgers primarily and it was an excellent meal. Most of the drinks are made with Liquid Nitrogen so there is a wow factor of ordering a Martini and have it delivered smoking and extra cold. My only complaint was the “philly cheesesteak” burger. No self respecting cheesesteak EVER has green peppers on it. I have no idea where that came from but it’s not cool.

6. World of Coke – You might think learning about a soft drink that probably lead to me being fat and lots and lots of diabetes all that entertaining, you are wrong. Minus the very bizarre video int he beginning, world of Coke is a riot of fun, pop art and history. Also there’s this room where you can drink 68 different sodas made by Coke all over the world. Yes I tried them all, yes my stomach was not very happy and yes some of them are horrible.

7. Atlanta Aquarium – I shouldn’t even have to explain why you need to go. Not only is it the largest aquarium I’ve ever been in but it’s incredibly elaborate. The Sea Otters alone are worth the price of admission.

8. – People are really nice – not gonna lie this was seriously disarming coming from a state who’s motto is: What are YOU lookin’ at?

9.  Highlands – Very cool place (similar to New Brunswick but with nicer people and less college stuff). Lots of great restaraunts and bars to check out. Highly recommended.

10. The Atlanta airport – I know it’s kind of a gimme if you fly there but going through their airport security is simply amazing. So many people were put through in a quick and efficient manner, it was almost fun to experience it.

Below are some pics I took with my crappy camera. I think I know what I’m going to buy myself for xmas.

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2 comments on “Some Thanksgiving Atlanta pictures

  1. Just FYI it’s Kennesaw, and the Highlands are just an area of Atlanta. There is so much more we can do next time! We didn’t even get to see everything yet. 🙂

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