So did I have a crazy weekend (recap)

I barely know here to start but this will be a rundown postSo on Friday I drove from North Brunswick down to Absecon to meet up with my cousins Brett and Kevin and Kevin’s girlfriend Lauren.

(97.9 mi)

We were on our way to a huge arcade auction in Baltimore. After hanging out for a few minutes we left in two cars to head to the Maryland Fairground

(148 mi)

There I found my dream cabinet and bought it! Definitely a dream come true. The next day we loaded it up into the SUV (barely fit) and drove back to Absecon to drop it off in my cousin’s workshop

(148 mi)

From there we grabbed dinner then headed to The Electric Factory to see Skrillex and a bunch of other dub step DJs. Srkillex by the way was an awesome concert!

(57 mi)

After that I headed back home to North Brunswick to be up and ready for my Sunday church job.

(58 mi)

All in all quite the whirlwind but a lot of fun!

Total milage: 508.9


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