Using Google Docs to batch convert files

Google docs is pretty much my go to application for everything word processing, but today I learned a trick that makes it even more valuable. With a little trickery you can use Google Docs to batch convert files from format to format. In the world where I work .pdf is king and now I have a very fast way to make them.

1. Log into Google Docs

2. Create a new label (collection) for converting to .pdf. For mine I used the ever secretive label “PeeDeeEff”

3. Upload your stuff to the new label (collection). This is done by clicking on the Label then clicking upload.

4. Personally I always uncheck convert my files.

5. Once uploaded I can simply click on that little option button to the right of the collection label and seclect Download.








6. From here I can simply set it to convert all my stuff (2gb worth at a time) to whatever file format I need including .pdf.









And you are done with a little setup you just made a pretty fast bulk file converter for free. O, Google you so crazy!


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