Codeacademy: For the inner nerd in all of us

I have lost count how many times I have proclaimed “Today, I am going to learn a programming language!” Then I proceed to buy a book that is about 500 pages that I never read. I am too poor to pay for classes so after about a week I give up. I think Codeacademy might have been made for people like me.Code academy is a free webapp that can teach you JavaScript and (eventually) some other programming languages for free. The thing I really like about it is it walks you through step by step what you can do from the command line. You also get the chance to earn badges for completing things.

I find it incredibly fun and quick to pick up. The site is still in its infancy so you don’t have a whole lot of lesson choices quite yet, but as people find out about this site you will see more and more languages appear.



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